Gas Suppression Systems.

Gas suppression systems are used to extinguish electrical fires by releasing a concentration of gas into a room. They work by reducing the oxygen content to below 15%, which is the point at which most materials do not burn. Gas suppression systems are commonly found in server rooms, computer suites, and communication rooms.
There are two types of gas-based systems:
  • Clean agent
    These systems contain chemicals that remove heat to break the fire triangle.
  • Inert gas
    These systems reduce the oxygen level so that fire can no longer burn, but people can still breathe.
Gas suppression systems are activated by a smoke detection system that detects the early presence of smoke. They can be used instead of water to contain fires.
When choosing a gas suppression system, you can consider things like:
  • Whether you're installing other fire safety elements, such as more smoke detectors
  • Whether you want side-cartridge or pressurized tanks
  • Whether you want manual or automatic actuation
Some representative agents include:
  • Argonite / IG-55 (ProInert)
  • CO 2 carbon dioxide
  • Inert Gas 541 IG-541 Inergen
  • IG-100 (NN100)
  • FM200

  Mainly used at Data Center, Document Center, Testing Lab.,